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Hi I’m Mary Alice parks again you’re watching ABC news digital songs of officially Clough. Here in Georgia’s sixth this special election that we had been watching for week. We’ve been down here tracking all across districts and so happy Manning I impact Karen Handel. Party tonight there are two competing hope to be victory party at. In the district as you can imagine Karen handle their Republican candidate as well John I thought the democratic and it out but we’re starting up the night here at Karen’s party. And I want to talk to mid Atlantic and I have seen your thought. All product that is like at parents have that soap Kerri you. President of the national federation of Republican women. Based outside DC and your group has been riding his fake punt last fall around. Tummy tightening up and and it’s you know and an aluminum bat here apparently given up and veterans in every public opinion is the largest. Martin in the Atlanta. Aren’t they in the country and Armisen and educate women in the content that government. Aaron we decided that we went in as and our efforts on. Registering women. Atlanta came TV evening and we ticker at around 29 839. Days 200. In game winning 800 rally and I can’t than 300000. Here. Isn’t in America ignored batteries. Everything burning feel like. And at hundreds of women. Wondering has the end of the current and bring an end here ended up here in the front. This is line. Just get there’s been a lot of conversation about. Out guys’ lines. Apartment across the country. Donors and of these big national groups sending volunteers we talked a lot about that on the democratic side of the big group. Like Planned Parenthood and…

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