Report Finds Value-Based Care Model Leads to Significant Cost Savings, Health Gains for Seniors in Six States

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ChenMed rates of ER visits are 33.6% lower than the national average among Medicare beneficiaries.

A new report released today by ChenMed, an innovative senior health care provider, finds that seniors treated with a concierge-style, value-based health care model gain major improvements in their health, leading to an overall reduction in costs. These findings also are detailed today in The American Journal of Managed Care blog.

ChenMed examined patient results from 37 of its senior medical centers across six states and found its approach resulted in a deep cut in the number of emergency room (ER) visits, hospital admissions, and in-patient days for those they treated.

The report also details how ChenMed delivers its innovative value-based care model to the low- to moderate-income seniors managing multiple chronic conditions that it serves. Two critical elements of ChenMed’s model are smaller panel sizes and more face-time with patients.

“At ChenMed, we believe we do not have to sacrifice quality to reduce health care costs, even for the neediest patients with the costliest conditions,” said ChenMed CEO Christopher Chen, MD. “We deliver concierge-style care to the patients who need it most, and that attention and level of service ultimately gets patients healthy and keeps them that way, reducing expensive visits to the hospital.”

The report, “Concierge Care for Low-Income Seniors: How High-Touch Care Improves Outcomes and Reduces Costs,” finds that ChenMed doctors average 189 minutes face-to-face with each patient annually – more than nine times the national average. Each ChenMed doctor’s patient panel size is less than one-fifth the size of the national average – 450 patients per physician, rather than the average of 2,300 patients.

By spending more time with patients, ChenMed doctors build valuable relationships and provide highly coordinated care that reduces emergency room and hospital visits. ChenMed rates of ER visits are 33.6 percent lower than the national average among Medicare beneficiaries. ChenMed patients also average 28 percent fewer in-patient hospital admissions and 25 percent fewer in-patient days than the average Medicare beneficiary.

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