Renowned Hip Surgeons J.W. Thomas Byrd, MD and Tania Ferguson, MD Partner to Form The Nashville Hip Institute for Preservation, Reconstruction and Sports Medicine

Drs. J.W. Thomas Byrd and Tania Ferguson of the Nashville Hip Institute

Dr. Ferguson says, “My decision to move to Nashville was inspired by the excitement of merging my skill set and fund of knowledge with Dr. Byrd’s, whose innovative, dedicated work in hip preservation surgery via arthroscopic techniques is unparalleled.”

Drs. J.W. Thomas Byrd and Tania A. Ferguson are merging 40 years of expertise as global leaders and pioneers in hip preservation and restoration to form the Nashville Hip Institute. The Institute, formerly known as Nashville Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center, is dedicated to the comprehensive care of any individual plagued by hip problems. This includes athletes and fitness enthusiasts, those suffering the consequences of progressive hip deformities, and also the disabling effects of arthritis.

Dr. Ferguson arrives in Nashville after more than a decade of work mastering hip preservation and pelvis reconstruction techniques. She launched her career under the tutelage of two of the world’s foremost experts in open hip surgery: Drs. Joel Matta and Jeff Mast. She is a hip surgeon, focused exclusively on surgeries of the hip and pelvis, and is celebrated globally for her innovative work in acetabular fracture surgery, reorientation osteotomies for hip dysplasias (PAO and Surgical Hip Dislocation), and her pivotal role in the advancement of the anterior approach total hip arthroplasty (aTHA) in the United States. Her clinical practice and surgical skills set a new standard for outcomes after complex hip preservation and reconstruction surgeries, and her patients travel great distances seeking care of complicated deformities, revision surgeries after failed previous attempts, fractures of the pelvis and acetabulum, and for her experience with the anterior approach THA. Travelling the world as an educator of hip surgery, Dr. Ferguson has reached millions of patients by teaching surgeons these techniques, and training the new generations to be able to better treat their own patients. She represents the AO Foundation as the first elected female trustee, has an NIH K30 Master’s Degree in Advanced Clinical Research, and her contributions towards the academic evolution of hip surgery is…

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