Rencore Releases Major Update for SPTransformator now Allowing for Automated Discovery of SharePoint Customizations

With the rise of so-called citizen developers, organizations face a very different kind of risk from customizations. Security risks can be introduced at any time by anyone, and AnalysisCloud helps organizations in ramping up customization Governance in order to discover and eliminate these problems.

Rencore today released a major update to SPTransformator, adding automated detection and inventory of customizations on SharePoint farms. SPTransformator is now able to automatically discover all customizations including their usage in your SharePoint environment, no matter whether developed and deployed by IT or implemented by end users with InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, or citizen development. This enables IT teams to find customizations they have forgotten about or are unaware of.

SPTransformator helps organizations who are seeking to gradually modernize or de-customize their SharePoint environment, or who are in the process of migrating to Office 365. It helps them to discover, analyze, and then transform their existing on-premises customizations so that they align with the new standards that Microsoft has been encouraging developers to follow for customization – such as the SharePoint Framework. This will prepare them for the new requirements of next-generation SharePoint platforms like SharePoint 2016 and beyond, and SharePoint Online.

SPTransformator was released in 2016 to help IT teams to modernize existing SharePoint on-premises customizations towards the cloud, learn how customizations are built and how they impact a migration. SPTransformator also provides guidance on how to update customizations in the most secure and future-proof way as well as automatic code transformation to the modern client-side development techniques.

However, many organizations with extensive SharePoint environments struggle to keep track of customizations they have deployed across large, legacy farms. This means they may miss major customizations during the process of updating their environments.

The update to SPTransformator resolves this issue. It can scan entire SharePoint farms and discover all customizations including their usage, while simultaneously identifying dependencies. The update also includes improvements to…

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