Reddit AMA: Our reporters answer your questions on Ed Murray investigation, mayor’s race

Our reporters answer questions about The Times’ investigation into former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and the impact on local politics and the mayoral race.

Updated 12:30 p.m.: The AMA has drawn to a close, but you can see our reporters’ answers here, or read further below for highlights from this morning’s Reddit conversation.

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It’s been a head-spinning couple of weeks in Seattle politics.

Mayor Murray lawsuit

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Ed Murray resigned his post as Seattle mayor last week following a fifth allegation of child sex abuse, the most recent coming from a relative. Murray’s departure has created a political vacuum at City Hall, with the city seeing three mayors in less than a week.

Murray’s resignation has also inserted itself in the Seattle mayoral race, with candidates Jenny Durkan and Carry Moon tasked with creating talking points on their relationship with the former mayor, and on their views on protecting sex-abuse victims.

If the fast pace of this ongoing news story is leaving with you questions, be sure to join our Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on Tuesday at 11 a.m.

Seattle Times reporters Jim Brunner and Lewis Kamb, who have worked doggedly over the past year to investigate and report on the Murray allegations, will be joined by Times city politics reporter Dan Beekman, who will be able to answer your questions on the ins and outs at City Hall and the current mayor’s race.

Question and answer highlights:

(Note: Some of the questions and answers may have been modified. The full Q&A can be found here.)

Q: Did you face any unusual obstacles when reporting this story? The mayor very publicly tried to tarnish your reputation. Can you tell us more about any opposition behind the scenes? Thanks for great reporting.

A:  The mayor’s initial response was to publicly attack our reporting. He also declined a sit-down interview for a while with us, while doing a series of TV interviews.

In July, Murray did grant us an extensive in-person interview about the Oregon records, contending they were not newsworthy.

Murray had no control over our ability to obtain public records from Oregon. In fact, his public challenge to the media to seek out records he said would exonerate him helped lead Oregon officials to release the records of their 1984 investigation.

A primary obstacle to all our reporting was the difficulty of finding public records and people who could…

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