Red Wine Glasses As A Tool For Wine Testing

Choosing the right red wine glass maybe be simple for the experienced drinker but there is a lot more to it than just a glassware for sipping your wine. The glassware is not only a cup but it also aids the drinker to assess the quality of the wine. Here are some of the ways on how the wine glass becomes a helpful tool to a wine enthusiast.

The red wine glass has a rounder and broader bowl than any other stemware. This allows the air to oxidize the wine for a smoother and richer taste. This is not the only reason for the broad opening of the bowl. This also allows the drinker’s nose to be inside the opening together with the lips. This way, one could assess the aroma as well as its flavor. Loss of aroma indicates that it was not properly handled during its manufacture. Sometimes, one may notice the smell of candy banana flavoring, roasted nuts and dried straw or moldy grapes. These are indications of faults which makes it undrinkable to critics.

Another is the stemware material. Traditional glasses are made up of lead crystal. This material enhances the refraction of light through the glass making its color clearer. The color quality of the wine is very important since, yellowish tints also indicate its faults. However, since it contains “lead” many maybe alarmed of its usage. According to one study, gout has a high correlation with lead toxicity and poisoning but this is not the case in glasses. Lead leaching into it does not happen within minutes, studies have shown that it does not pose a significant health risk provided these items are thoroughly washed and wine aren’t stored in it for a long significant amount of time.

Today, most of these glasses are made of acrylic glass which is safer to use. These are actually transparent thermoplastics that are shatter resistant. Glasses made up of this material have thinner bowl openings allowing the drinker to sip it for critical judgment. Also, it is very affordable that most available discount wine glasses are made of…

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