Red Team Plans by US House Science Committee means AAAS should condemn use of #Climate Change “Denier” as Type Two Scientific Misconduct says Friends of Science

“Carbon dioxide is not a control knob that can fine tune climate” – Judith Curry, Atmospheric Scientist, Georgia Tech

… organized and searching skepticism as well as an openness to new ideas are essential to guard against the intrusion of dogma or collective bias into scientific results.

As reported by CBC News July, 05, 2017, the Trump administration is proposing to develop climate change debates, establish a ‘red team’ to review the broader scope of natural climate change factors, and to roll back certain EPA regulations, but Friends of Science says the goal of scientific inquiry is being hampered by bullying. Atmospheric scientist Judith Curry discusses the ‘red team’ approach in a blog post of July 9, 2017.

Think Progress published an article on June 23, 2017, claiming that “House Science Committee’s taxpayer-funded email newsletter now features Breitbart, other ‘deniers’ ” like Friends of Science Society, who are mentioned in the article for their recent press release asking that NASA’s website be modified to reflect the fact there is no 97% consensus. Friends of Science says “denier” is a derogatory term; this type of language is a form of Type Two Scientific Misconduct (Cabbolet 2013) and they have sent a letter asking the US House Science Committee and the AAAS asking them to publicly condemn the use of the term ‘denier’ in climate change discourse.

The smear term of “denier” is usually accompanied by a claim that anyone who dares to question the alleged “consensus” on climate change must be paid by “Big Oil” to do so. Rarely reported is payola by “Big Climate” to demarket fossil fuels, especially coal. The Washington Times reported July 20, 2015 that the Sierra Club had been funded for millions of dollars by renewables and “clean energy” investors who could benefit from the “Beyond Coal” demarketing campaign. Coal is the most affordable source of power; wind and solar the most expensive and heavily subsidized by taxpayers.

In the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine ethical guidelines “On Being a Scientist:

A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research” states on page 6 of the Second Edition…

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