Red Comet Launches ½ Credit Online Course: “School to College”

School to College

Red Comet, an accredited, self-paced, online High School, is pleased to announce the launch of a new elective course called “School to College” in the spring semester of the 2017-18 school year. Designed to complement the “School to Work” offering, the new course teaches students how to affordably pursue various post-secondary education options in fields which best match their interests and profiles – in Red Comet’s friendly, easy-to-learn environment.

Why this course?

Nearly 50% of high school students pursue some form of post-secondary education.

But for one of life’s most important questions about what to do after high school, students often confront numerous conflicting facts, marketing messages, opinions and options.

A White House 2015 fact sheet sums it up well: “With college costs and student debt on the rise, the choices that American families make when searching for and selecting a college have never been more important. Yet, students struggle to find clear, reliable data on critical questions of college affordability and value, such as whether they are likely to graduate, find middle-class jobs, and pay off their loans.”

Nor can students expect extensive hand-holding at school because high school guidance counseling teams are stretched. According to US Department of Education data from 2013-14, each public school counselor was responsible, on average, for 476 students and spent just 22 percent of their time on post-secondary counseling. Private college counselors, who help families navigate the often confusing and stressful process of college admissions, are too expensive for most families.

School to College” Course

School to College” is designed to address these concerns about student readiness and more. Developed by an experienced counselor who has helped place hundreds of students into the nation’s top colleges and universities, it covers every topic from, “Why go to college?” to helping a student objectively evaluate various post high-school options. Students learn about what colleges are looking for so that they can tailor their profiles to select the institution that best matches their needs, explore the entire college admissions process and understand…

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