Red Balloon Security Launches Military-Grade Cyber Defense Tool for Auto Industry

Red Balloon Security, a world leader in embedded device security, is announcing the release of a new cybersecurity product to protect automobiles from a wide range of potential cyber attacks. Called “Symbiote for Automotive Defense,” the new embedded device defense system is officially launching at the escar USA Conference 2017 in Detroit, on June 21.

Automotive manufacturers from Tesla to Ford and Hyundai are increasingly referring to cars as “computers on wheels.” As vehicles evolve to run a larger set of computerized functions, including autonomous driving, the need for a robust and reliable cyber defense apparatus that operates inside of these vehicle systems has never been greater.

Symbiote for Automotive Defense is a universally-compatible, OS-agnostic, real time host-based intrusion defense system for automotive electronic control units (ECUs) and gateways. It is based on the highly successful Symbiote Defense technology for embedded devices, which is already being transitioned into the US Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, as well as in critical infrastructure applications, including a pilot study for a US Department of Homeland Security Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory. It also protects consumer devices, including Hewlett-Packard printers and commercial IoT endpoints. Symbiote has been recognized by researchers and academics in the field of cybersecurity as a groundbreaking advance in embedded device security, and was even named as one of Popular Science’s nine most important security innovations of the year in 2016. Symbiote currently protects millions of devices around the world, and has logged more than 10 billion hours of runtime without a single recorded failure. Now, Red Balloon Security is applying this groundbreaking technology to the automotive industry, making…

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