Recurring Dreams and their Meanings

While I have never been one for fanciful thoughts and wasting time on analysing things as elusive as dreams, I found myself doing just that last month. Ever since I was a child, I remember having very vivid dreams and would often up convinced that they were not dreams but had actually happened to me in real life.To this day I can remember certain dreams and still in clear detail. I can recall features and conversations and also how I had felt at the time. This is fine for the pleasant dreams but somehow does not hold the same appeal when I recall some of the unpleasant dreams and even nightmares that I also used to have.

In all these years I have never attached much importance to these dreams but then six months ago I started to have the same dream a couple of times in the week and eventually I decided that I need to talk to someone as the dreams became more frequent. The dream itself was quite mild and innocuous but the feelings that were left in my mind disturbed me. I kept on dreaming that no matter what the situation or setting, as I was talking, all my teeth fell out! This caused me no pain in the dream but on waking I could feel that I was firstly relieved that I had all my teeth, and secondly I remembered the feeling of panic and anxiety I experienced in the dream.

Thinking that my dream may be rooted in some type of dental problem, I mentioned it to my dentist on my next visit for a regular check-up. He is an intelligent man as well as being an excellent dentist who was not only offered two full dental scholarships to two of the best school for dentistry, but also gives talks at dental schools around the country. He is in the process of opening his own school of dental hygiene and his son has just entered his medical college admissions form, with every chance of being accepted at any medical college he chooses. After giving me the all clear on my teeth he discussed the dream with me and came up with an interesting theory.

He told me that dreaming of…

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