Recover After Divorce – 11 Truths You Absolutely Must Know


1. It won’t last forever.  Always keep in mind that divorce is a transition in your life.  Though 

painful, when you consciously work through the divorce process, you will heal.


2. You are not alone.  Though you may feel abandoned and it seems that everyone else’s life is

going better than yours, know that many others face relationship loss as well.  This is a time to

make positive connections with others on the same healing path. Take a divorce workshop to help you connect and recover.


3. Feelings are your friends.  Allow yourself to express your emotions appropriately.  Learn

from them to work through the divorce process instead of avoiding them or becoming stuck.

  • Fear motivates you to do what it takes to move forward.
  • Loneliness helps you get in better touch with yourself.
  • Rejection opens the door to self-acceptance.
  • Guilt begins the process of appropriate self-responsibility.
  • Grief cleanses you of your pain.
  • Anger gives you the power to rebuild your life.
  • Low self-worth shows how much you care for yourself and want to feel better.


4. There are identifiable reasons why your divorce happened.  Now is the time to learn about

the dynamics of your relationship.  This will help you understand why it turned out the way it

did and what you can do differently to create a healthier relationship in the future.


5. The harder you work, the faster you’ll recover.  Avoiding your feelings and the issues of

divorce only keeps you stuck.  Educate yourself with classes, and reading divorce books for men or women. Working through them gives you strength, knowledge and takes you toward a new life.


6. Letting go of the old relationship opens up whole new worlds.  Hanging onto the past,

emotionally or behaviorally, only prolongs the pain.  You build a new life in the space created

by releasing the old one.


7. You are NOT damaged goods.  Feeling wounded does not make you broken.  Pain is a

natural part of the process.  In fact, your hurt…

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