Recommendations Point Out the Importance of Dealing with the Particular Dental Issues of All Family Members, says Northridge Dental Works

Regular oral hygiene is an essential for patients young and old.

All members of the family, from aging grandparents to small children and those in between, have specific dental concerns that require regular visits to a skilled and patient-friendly dentist.

A June 12 article in The Star offers the advice of occupational therapist Nira Rittenberg to a correspondent concerned about an apparent lack of oral hygiene by an aged parent who had recently suffered a series of minor strokes. Ms. Rittenberg, who specializes in geriatrics and dementia-related matters, suggests a number of steps, including scheduling a dentist visit. Northridge Dental Works, a Los Angeles Area dental clinic, notes that all people of all ages have specific dental concerns that require regular visits to a skilled dentist.

Northridge Dental Works adds that, of course, older patients have a number of special needs. Many of them may find it more difficult to properly brush their teeth due to issues like arthritis and, yes, some grow more forgetful and actually not remember to brush their teeth in the first place. The dental clinic notes that these kinds of problems can be addressed both by the awareness of concerned family members and by an observant dental professional who can make appropriate suggestions, such as the use of daily reminders and electronic toothbrushes.

At the other end of the age scale, Northridge Dental Works points out that the assumption that very young children don’t need to visit the dentist because they are still using their “baby teeth,” which they will eventually lose anyway, is very wrong. The clinic says that children with poor oral hygiene habits can develop some pretty severe dental issues that impact their gums…

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