Rebecca Robbins’ new book “Mystic Mermaid” is a Bubbly Collection of Playful Short Stories to Teach Young Readers about the Law of Attraction

Rebecca Robbins, an Early Childhood Development Educator with over eighteen years of experience, has completed her new book “Mystic Mermaid”: a creative and vibrant series of enlightening stories for young readers on the philosophy of universal Law of Attraction.

Rebecca Robbins was raised in Sherman Oaks, California, has been in tune with the universal laws over her entire lifetime. She has been a student of the Laws of Attraction for five years now. Rebecca is the proud mother of two daughters, who are the center of her universe. She currently resides with the man (her life partner and best friend) who introduced her to the Laws of Attraction.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Rebecca Robbins’ engaging work is a collection of stories around the fundamentals of positive thought and action. The Mystic Mermaid book series is written based on the concepts and practices of the Laws of Attraction on an early childhood developmental format. Readers are introduced to the magic of gratitude, and the power of believing in one’s dreams.

The stories excite children to want to engage in reading and gaining knowledge as well as the importance of family and friends. Children will build a foundation to dream big and achieve those dreams. They will learn that they can create their own magic, the magic of believing so they can have, be, and do anything!

Rebecca Robbins’ imaginative stories are designed and worded to expand their thinking and vocabulary and to learn about The Laws of Attraction. The stories promote strong values and kind, loving hearts. The Mystic Mermaid stories introduce children to the fundamentals of positive thinking, being gratuitous and kind, and living a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically. The stories promote being self-confident, making the right choices, and being thoughtful of others.

At the end of each story, a Reader’s Project is placed for children to practice and reinforce what concepts and messages they have derived from each story. The Reader’s Project can be done with family at home or in a classroom environment with their teacher and peers. The project can also segue into other activities, such as art, cooking, dictation/dialogue, quality time spent with others, and practicing these concepts…

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