Reasons to Use a Postal Code Map

With today’s technology, businesses and charitable organizations have more weapons at their disposal when it comes to finding where potential prospects live.  GIS or geographic information systems, enables businesses to create detailed maps based around several different geographic factors.  A postal code map is one such tool that lets you pinpoint specific demographics based on their postal code.  A postal code map is very useful as part of an overall data management plan for direct marketing and future communications.  When GIS data is used within an organization, it’s easy for the team to share information in a direct and on-going fashion.  

If your business is running a current promotion or if your charity is collecting money, a postal code map can help point you in the right direction.  Most marketing promotions are time-sensitive, so it’s important to get your message to the homes that have the highest likelihood of responding based on your research.  In the case of a charity, if information exists in the database about past donations, the use of the map will enable you to get to the right houses and raise the most money.  The key is using the technology that’s available so you will know where to go to find the best results.  

If a business is planning for some future event like a new store opening, a postal code map will also come in handy.  Even though this kind of scenario wouldn’t have as tight a deadline, it’s still important to get the message to people who would actually be interested in going.  The same could be true for a future charitable event.  If a charity is planning a car wash or other event for the public, they can always save money by targeting people who are most likely to attend.  For a politician, these kinds of maps can help them figure out how best to allocate campaign money so they can reach the largest number of voters.  

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