Realty ONE Group Receives Two Vega Digital Awards for Its UNbrokerage Virtual Reality Game

Full-service lifestyle real estate brand and franchise model Realty ONE Group is pleased to announce it has received two Vega Digital Awards for its UNbrokerage Virtual Reality game. They are only company in the US real estate brokerage industry to be recognized for such an award. The international award recognizes Realty ONE Group’s unique and innovative method of announcing their revolutionary UNbrokerage model.

The Vega Digital Awards seek to recognize and honor the leading performances, talent, and efforts of digital and creative professionals, web developers, web designers and more, throughout the world. Realty ONE Group competed against leading brands such as Nike, as well as award-winning advertising and web design agencies in the Digital Marketing category, including Leo Burnett.

Realty ONE Group received the award for second place for Game or Application in Digital Marketing and third place for Innovative/Experimental in Digital Marketing, both for its UNbrokerage Virtual Reality game on October 27th, in the first round of announcements for winners in the 2017 Awards competition.

The UNbrokerage Virtual Reality game was developed to spread the message of its new UNbrokerage model, and to reflect the technology and innovation that Realty ONE Group offers in the real estate industry. Agents are able to play the game in their offices, providing a unique experience never before seen. The UNbrokerage game gives agents the chance to understand the tools Realty ONE Group offers to guarantee greater success faster.

Founded by Kuba Jewgieniew in 2005, Realty ONE Group has taken an unique approach to the real estate industry, by embracing and encouraging disruption. It recently revealed its innovative UNbrokerage model, which seeks to put its agents first. Of the award, Jewgieniew said, “It is humbling to be recognized for our innovation in the real estate industry so quickly. Our vision was to build an in-house digital ad agency to super-serve our real estate professionals while also designing creative marketing initiatives that will hopefully help the entire industry. This award is amazing, but just the first step towards our goal of building the most exciting and inspirational creative lab in the real estate industry.

Realty ONE Group spokesperson Burke Smith added, “Marketing and…

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