Realties Related To History & Humanities Books

We have been into the discussion related to books so many times in past that now saying that, ‘they are best source of information may seem to be an over dragged line’. Therefore instead of getting into an unwanted discussion that why reading different kind of books is important and what good they can do for us, rather we will straight way get on to our point of discussion.

There is no doubt that reading various books is a good habit, but there are certain books in market which are more important or who stands on more important position that other, one of such type of books which is more important than others can be described as religious books. As if a person is looking forward to know more about the culture and civilization he lives in and he is egger to know how things actually settled in this manner the way they are, than reading a nice religious book can be a best solution for that person.

But before you rush into a book store and pick up any book which is there under the description plate of religious books or history and humanities book, it is better for you to understand the basic difference between the different types of history books.

The first type which comes under the category of religious books or history books are of the kind which are biased on some or the other incidences and facts which actually took place in past, and in fact this would not be all, to call that incident an important point to write a book on, that incidences which one want to described in a book should have a huge impact on people life (as there are list of things which took place in past but they don’t hold any importance to themselves).

Now coming to the other or the second type of History Books, these books are basically a work of fiction which is created by the writer or the author of the book. The incidents shown or described in these books has nothing to do with the facts , in fact leaving alone some of the important names, dates and a little zest of ancient…

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