Realising The Benefits Of Marine Ultrasonic Antifouling

Owning and running your own boat can prove a great hobby and an ideal getaway but it also requires that you undertake a duty of care for your boat. A vessel that is not cared for properly not only ends up looking less than perfect but it can become expensive or difficult to run and it can prove dangerous for you and your passengers. One of the problems that every boat faces is that of fouling, which can be further broken down into micro-fouling and macro-fouling.


Biofouling is the accumulation of living things on the hull of a boat. Initially, microfouling means that a biofilm of bacteria attaches itself to the exterior of the boat hull. This bacteria is microscopic in size although you may see a slimy surface cover the lower section of your boat. Typically, though, the first you will learn of the fouling is when macro-fouling takes place. Macro-fouling is the attachment of larger organisms such as mussels and barnacles and not only can these prove more difficult to remove but they can also cause problems for you as the boat owner.

Reduce Drag

Significant fouling can lead to serious drag. Hulls are streamlined so that they glide through water and resistance is kept to a minimum but this requires that the hull be kept smooth and in good condition. Once crustaceans, barnacles and other organisms start to form they reduce the hydrodynamic performance of the vessel. With a sail boat this means greater effort will be required while a powered boat will endure greater fuel usage.

Reduce The Negative Effects Of Marine Fouling

Marine ultrasonic antifouling reduces the negative effects typically associated with biofouling. The hull will be cleaned of crustaceans and even bacteria enabling you to enjoy the best possible performance from your boat. In real terms, this means that you can save money on fuel consumption and you can enjoy improved performance from your boat. Regular maintenance of the hull also means less chance of serious and costly damage to the hull or the boat in general. Hull integrity should be retained for longer and to greater effect.

Why Ultrasonic Systems?

The benefits of using marine ultrasonic antifouling specifically are that it is more convenient, simpler, and takes less physical effort to complete when compared to scrubbing and painting a boat hull. This also means that you do not need to remove the boat from water and you won’t have to endure a day of extremely manual labour every year. The marine ultrasonic antifouling…

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