ReadyCloud Introduces “CRM for Your E-commerce World™”

Leaked here is the all-new ReadyCloud CRM dashboard.

“The new release of ReadyCloud CRM reveals the look of things to come. Retailers should expect more—in fact they need more—from whatever CRM, shopping cart or shipping software they use today,” explains Chris Dunn, CEO of ReadyCloud CRM.

ReadyCloud CRM ( is now available. It is an orders-based CRM built for e-commerce. While traditional CRM is used for lead generation and nurturing, ReadyCloud CRM is designed to build customer loyalty from e-commerce activity.

ReadyCloud CRM puts a face on multichannel e-commerce order data. Within minutes, it connects to the e-retailer’s online sales channels to identify customers who’ve made purchases across multiple channels, as well as highlighting trendsetting products and shipping methods. ReadyCloud CRM creates instant and detailed customer profiles based on this order data, making it easy for retailers to create new relationships with their customers or improve existing ones.

Leaked here is a first look at ReadyCloud’s new interface. ReadyCloud CRM is clean, modern and built for expansion. It delivers a core set of tools for instant cross-channel sales reporting, customer details, notes and calendar, with new features being added each month.

Shipping is a critical and cost-sensitive component to product-based e-commerce. ReadyCloud CRM recognizes the e-retailer’s shipping activity and supports package tracking and delivery status—all included within each detailed customer profile. This is complemented by powerful reporting features that identify shipping trends, costs and profitability to help retailers improve their bottom line.

ReadyCloud CRM debuts a growing App Store for plugins that build on its functionality. The App Store offers a plugin-ready desktop shipping solution (ReadyShipper shipping software) as well as an automated online product returns system (ReadyReturns e-commerce returns software). Each are available for an additional monthly fee. Included (complimentary) Apps connect ReadyCloud CRM to Amazon, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce and more—with new features being unveiled each month.

“The new release of ReadyCloud CRM reveals the look of things to come. Retailers…

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