Ready to Party at Fire Island Pines

Life as a Runway

It lies only about 55 miles east of Midtown Manhattan, but the hamlet of Fire Island Pines, on the narrow barrier island that gave the place its name, feels as if it’s a world away. Many of its roughly 600 houses are modernist, and a wooden boardwalk serves as the main thoroughfare. On a recent weekend at this chic summertime haven populated mainly by gay men — during which the main event was the annual bacchanal called the Pines Party — a few people took a moment to tell us about their beach style.

CreditRebecca Smeyne for The New York Times

Xander Gaines

Age 37 (“Ask away, I look gorgeous”)

Occupation Actor, performer, triple threat

What was going through your head when you were dressing to come out here today? I wanted to shine. My mother always said, “Being you is the brightest star possible.”

Where did you get the hat? I bought the hat at a vintage store, and then I hand-painted the lace and cut it so that it cuts into my face.

Do you dress differently here than in the city? I actually dress harder in the city, more aggressively. It’s the concrete jungle, and fashion, for me, is my armor. Here I’m more open.

Where’s your bag from? I was just at World Pride in Madrid, and while I was there, I stopped by Zara and picked up this bag.

This is Zara? This is Zara. They keep all the good stuff there. Zara in the homeland. I was like, “Let me go where the rooster roosts.”

CreditRebecca Smeyne for The New York Times

Andrew Loren

Age 29

Occupation Interior designer

You’re more covered up than most of the guys out here. Always. I like to break up the monotony of Speedo after Speedo.

What are you wearing? Nike from head to toe with a vintage kimono. Oh, and [touches sunglasses] Oakley.

Describe your look. I hate to use the term gender fluidity, because I feel like it’s overused and hyped-up, but I like to balance and play with masculine and feminine, and sporty and a bit more traditional.

Do you dress differently here than in the city? No.

So if I bumped into you in Manhattan, you’d be wearing a kimono? Absolutely. I live in them.

No rings or bracelets for you. I’m always accessory-free.

Do you have any tattoos? No. Minimal. I like to keep it like my Instagram captions: few words with the most impact. That’s how I dress.

CreditRebecca Smeyne for The New York Times

Brady Marter

Age 29

Occupation Nurse

Where did you get the shirt?[whispers] Forever 21. It’s ladies. It called to me from across the room.

Where are your…

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