Readers speak out: “Seattle doesn’t know how to handle the boom”

How has Seattle’s growing wealth impacted you and the city? Readers had a lot to say on that topic.

We asked, you answered. Here are just a few of the reader responses we received from our call-out last week asking how Seattle’s wealth has impacted your life and the city at large.


How has Seattle’s new wealth changed the city?

It’s made it way more crowded, it’s not the same Seattle I was born and raised in. The grunge, artistic music scene has been nearly replaced by all things tech. Seattle’s very character is not what I remember it. Not all the changes are bad, but a lot of them are hard. Parking for any activity is impossible on a weekend.

— Corinna Ren

It has pushed my entire community (black and brown folks) out of the main city. It has made living a stable life inaccessible unless you work for a major company in Seattle.

— Taejonae Mckenzie

I think the growth is great for the city. It’s obvious it’s bringing all sorts of opportunity to people in the area, as well as bringing in people from all over the world. Everyones ideas are widely accepted and it feels like anything is possible. However, it seems like Seattle doesn’t know how to handle the boom. It’s hard to keep up. There’s no where to park, there’s no room the the middle class and homelessness is becoming a very real and apparent problem.

— Emily Sharick

It’s unaffordable. We pay $2100 for a 700 Sq ft one bedroom apartment. This is on top of hundreds of dollars a month in parking fees (currently paying $690). My husband and I who are both over a decade into our professional careers and by most measures are considered “upper middle class” cannot afford a home within a reasonable distance. It is heartbreaking.

— Nina Devereaux

More businesses, more options, general quality of goods is great. From a daily perspective it’s incredibly nice to have choices.

— Josh Martz

The city has expanded and has gotten a lot taller. I would say the city also got a lot younger. Seattle used to be this…

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