Readers share thoughts on ‘The Book of Mormon’ musical returning to Salt Lake City

“The Book of Mormon” musical returned to Salt Lake City recently, and the Deseret News asked readers what they think. More than 230 people responded.

Here are a sampling of the responses, edited for length and clarity:

Many expressed dismay at the treatment of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and questioned whether this would be tolerated if it was directed at another religion:

• “It’s offensive. Entertainment based on the insulting of others’ core beliefs isn’t something I want to see. I would say the same if this were titled ‘The Talmud,’ ‘The Koran’ or the ‘The Catechism.'”

• “It’s making fun of something I hold dear. If someone were to do this to my husband or my child, I wouldn’t like that either. …”

• “Would you watch a musical play titled the ‘Liberal Left’ that depicts far right’s feelings of them and call it genius?”

• “Show me any other minority group in our country that would put up with the condescending narrative. Where is Broadway’s comedic depiction of the LGBT community? Of Jews? Of blacks, Hispanics or Asians?”

• “Bad. Does not say much for any community that would turn out to see this. Given the persecution of LDS members in (the) 19th century, it is amazing that anyone would think it acceptable to joke about the religion.”

Some said they might go see the show if it wasn’t so vulgar and offered more substance:

• “I’m not against the play, but you can be clever and funny without being so vulgar, and I hear the vulgarity is pretty high. I’m kind of tired of the lack of clever comedy.”

• “Art is meant to convey beauty, wisdom and awareness to the multi-faceted world we experience. It does so in a way that is meant to last long in the mind and in our culture. I have listened to songs from ‘The Book of Mormon’ musical and it fails to convey anything I would want to have a lasting impact in our culture.”

• “Not interested in seeing garbage. Just because something wins awards does not mean it provides any value.”

• “I’d rather read the book.”

• “I saw it and will not see it again. It’s extremely funny, and I knew what I was getting into because the…

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