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Student Dane Nash eats up to 150 bananas a week as part of his raw vegan diet

Dane Nash, 21, starts every day with a smoothie made of 12 bananas and downs up to 10 more throughout the day.

He gets 80 per cent of his calorie intake from the tropical fruit, with most of the rest coming from spinach – of which he consumes more than 2lbs per day.

Mr Nash follows a strict ‘raw vegan’ diet – only uncooked fruit and vegetables – which costs him around £160 per month.

Dieticians have warned him that his fruit intake is a yellow peril because his diet lacks variety and key nutritional ingredients.

But Mr Nash, who studies at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music, says he is healthier than ever and has no plans to change his banana intake.

He said: “Bananas are the best way to go. 

“They’re the best tropical fruits that are readily available in the UK. 

This diet has helped me a lot in taking control of my health

Student Dane Nash

“They’re cheap, they’re consistent in terms of calories, and they’re consistent in terms of nutrients, too.

“This diet has helped me a lot in taking control of my health and my life, and I’m now healthier than ever. I cannot recommend it enough.”

Mr Nash, who is 6ft 1ins and weighs 12st 6lbs (79kg), first went vegan two years ago after suffering from acne. 

He added: “I went vegetarian first, and then I read a bit more into it and realised that the optimal diet for humans is to eat raw fruit and veg.


The 21-year-old student eats only raw fruit and vegetables

“Every other species eats their food raw, but humans for some reason started to cook our food, and it’s not really that good for us.

“For the last five months or so I’ve been on a completely raw diet – with only one or two slip-ups, with things like rice,” he added.

Mr Nash, who lives in central Bristol, bulk-buys four or five 18kg crates of nanas every month. His morning smoothie includes half a pound of spinach.

He occasionally adds spirulina to…

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