Rare Mavise Stone Now Available in Limited Supply from Indiana Limestone Company

Indiana Limestone’s Mavise Stone

For the right projects, this could be a statement element in the design.

A rare discovery of Mavise Stone in one of the Indiana Limestone Company’s working quarries makes the stunning, versatile stone available on a limited basis. The company is a premier supplier of natural limestone for a wide variety of building construction, decoration, landscape and hardscape purposes.

The Mississippian Era deposit of Mavise Stone was uncovered in an eight-acre section of the firm’s Victor Quarry near Bloomington. Mavise Stone is a unique natural stone tile material, often unavailable owing to its scarcity. Its strong, clean look of real limestone is ideal for upscale commercial or fine residential design.

Mavise Stone can be manufactured in standard sizes or custom fabricated into a one-of-a-kind product for interior finishes in both vertical and horizontal applications. Indiana Limestone Company, Mavise Stone contains the characteristics and structural integrity of a high-density material with a unique colorization. Its rich texture makes it the perfect material for flooring.

Because it is so scarce, Mavise Stone will only be available for a limited time.

“Mavise is a really rare and wonderful addition to our line of block material,” said Duffe Elkins, Indiana Limestone Company product manager. “More like a marble in durability and with a unique veining and color movement, this material can be made into some striking tiles. Only found in an exclusive deposit, our core drilling has not identified additional supplies. For the right projects, this could be a statement element in the design.”

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