Rant & Rave: Hurrah for cat rescue; keep catcalls to yourself

Readers rave about a rescued elderly cat, a returned cellphone, Seattle firefighters, and considerate neighbors; they rant about catcalls, illegal park fires, rude shoppers, big new houses and of course, unleashed dogs.

RAVE To the person who found our elderly, sick cat 10 days after she had gone missing, saw her having a seizure, and took her to the Seattle Animal Shelter; to the SAS staff for scanning her microchip and calling me immediately; to the Animal Control officer who transported her to the emergency vet and met us there; to the helpful staff at the emergency vet, and to our amazing, resilient old kitty for surviving 10 days without her meds. Our little four-legged miracle is doing well now.

RANT To the group of boys in a car who catcalled me. No woman of any age should have to deal with your issues. My body, my business.

RAVE To the patrons and great staff at the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit at Pacific Science Center, who found and turned in the cellphone my granddaughter lost there. She was devastated; the idea of going into 7th grade without her phone seemed like the end of the world to her. Thanks for showing her there are many good people in the world.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to Seattle firefighters for their quick response to my call about a smoldering campfire in Magnuson Park. Rant to illegal campfires in the park and those who don’t fully extinguish them, and leave their litter and alcohol bottles for others to clean up.

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RAVE AND RANT I need to use an electric cart at the grocery store. Rave to everyone who helps me reach things off high shelves and other help. Rant to people who act like I’m invisible, moving in front of me suddenly or blocking aisles with their carts so I can’t get through. Please be courteous.

RANT To developers who buy the “rundown” aka small houses in our neighborhoods, tear them down, and build two or more enormous houses in their place, claiming they’re “making the neighborhood better.” It’s their business and livelihood, but really, do neighborhoods need this? Thanks for nothing.

RAVE AND RANT Rave for easy parking and wonderful hikes at Rattlesnake Lake/Ridge. Rant to hikers who let their dogs off leash. It’s unsafe. Please let all of us enjoy the beautiful scenery and hike safely!

RAVE AND RANT Rave to water skiers and boats out who stay in the middle of the lake. Rant to rude boaters who come…

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