RainKing’s Q2 2017 Technology Spending Trends and Pain Points Report Reveals Security and Data Management Fastest Growing Investment Areas for Businesses

Because we are speaking with the actual decision-makers, our deep research reveals trends and investments in technology and marketing first.

RainKing Solutions, a leading provider of sales and marketing intelligence, today released its “Technology and Marketing Q2 2017 Spending Trends and Pain Points” report. The report was developed by RainKing’s research arm, utilizing its deep datasets and research that covers over 64,000 companies, 1 million decision makers and 1.3 million investment signals to date.

Intelligence is becoming an increasingly important part of sales and marketing efforts and RainKing continually develops rich insights into planned spend and challenges that companies are experiencing to help sales people and marketers quickly determine the best prospects to target, what messaging they want to hear, and the best way to connect with those decision makers.

RainKing’s Q2 Technology Spending Trends and Pain Points report addresses key questions and trends that are top of mind for sales and marketers as well as those who need to stay abreast of technology and marketing changes. The report speaks to inquiries such as, “What technologies are companies planning to invest in for the coming months?” and, “What are the biggest challenges your organization is experience with regard to technology?” Key findings include the following:

  •     Pain in the Network: Year over year, the number of companies reporting difficulties within their Network is growing faster than any other tech sector, including Security. Challenges in analyzing network behavior for incident detection as well as complex network management both increased over 10% compared to Q2 2016.
  •     So spacious: In stark contrast to Network issues, companies are reporting issues within the Storage category far less often than they did a year ago. Cloud storage is easy to obtain (which most likely explains the drop in 16% of businesses experiencing difficulties here). However not all companies have migrated to the cloud and are still dealing with challenges in this area.
  •     Safe and secure: These days, the name of the game is cybersecurity. Spending was up across each of the Top 5 Security Spends since last year,…

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