Although it doesn’t happen very often in the South, country singers in Nashville, including Mickey Guyton, RaeLynn and Margo Price, reflect on what they like to do when snowed in at home or while on tour. (May 19)


PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. — Three days after country singer Racheal “RaeLynn” Woodward’s chihuahua escaped from her tour bus as New Year’s fireworks began going off in this area, the little dog has been nabbed, according to a Facebook post.

The team at the Island at Pigeon Forge along with the American Eagle Foundation captured Dolly the chihuahua while she was in the foundation’s parking lot Wednesday afternoon, according to Caitlin Gouge, social media and communications director for the Island in Pigeon Forge where Woodward had performed New Year’s Eve.

An anonymous caller provided a tip at 1:53 p.m. ET Wednesday through the Island’s ticket center saying that Dolly was in the foundation’s parking lot, Gouge said. Five people from the Island’s team and three to four from the foundation cornered Dolly and made her feel safe enough to trust them so she wouldn’t run away.

“That was the problem getting her before,” Gouge said. “We had spotted her before multiple times, but she was just really scared, … so she would run when she would see people.”

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Several people reported seeing Dolly on Tuesday, Woodward said in an Instagram post. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter traveled to Nashville and back to Pigeon Forge, about 25 miles southeast of Knoxville, Tenn., to put out some of Dolly’s beds and blankets from their home.

Low temperatures here on the nights she was missing went from 19 degrees Sunday to 9 degrees Monday to 3 degrees Tuesday.

“The last time she was spotted was this morning cuddled up in a blanket on someone’s porch in Pigeon Forge,” Woodward’s Tuesday post said. “When they went to grab her she bolted. … I am so thankful she is still alive and praying that she will be attracted from the scent of her bed.”

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