Radiant Webinar Presents Solutions for In-Line Pixel-Level Measurement and Correction of OLED Displays

Webinar: OLED Pixel Measurement & Correction

Radiant Vision Systems, a leading provider of test and measurement solutions for illuminated displays, announces that it will host a webinar presenting in-line methods for measuring and correcting pixel uniformity in high-resolution OLED displays. The webinar titled “OLED Pixel Measurement & Correction” will be broadcast live on Thursday September 14, 2017, from 9-9:30 AM PDT (12-12:30 PM EDT). It includes a technical presentation by Radiant Optical Software Engineer, Alex Podschwit, followed by a live audience question and answer session.

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) enable the latest advances in display technology from near-eye microdisplays, to curved televisions and HMIs, to the highest-resolution smart devices. Because each pixel in an OLED display acts as its own emitter, however, inconsistency from pixel to pixel is inevitable, resulting in variable display quality between devices. Manufacturers of OLED displays struggle to deliver requested product volume due to challenges producing displays that meet users’ high expectations for quality, at a pace that matches demand.

Automated visual inspection systems like high-resolution imaging colorimeters and photometers provide the optical specifications necessary to measure OLED displays on the pixel and even sub-pixel level, obtaining quantitative pass-fail results with fast cycle times. In OLED applications, integrated hardware/software platforms utilizing imaging colorimeters have further demonstrated pixel-level correction that enables subpar displays to be adjusted in-line to reduce scrap and improve yield. This process, referred to as OLED Demura, calculates the deviation of measured pixels from an ideal value at different grey levels. The system uses this correction coefficient to adjust the luminance of each OLED pixel to produce displays with an entirely uniform appearance.

Join Radiant Optical Software Engineer, Alex Podschwit, as he presents solutions for OLED pixel-level measurement and correction, highlighting Radiant’s Demura method. As a member of the Application Engineering team, Alex develops and supports software applications, characterizing properties of emissive displays, projectors, and LEDs….

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