R-Garden Vitamin O Now Available For Purchase On StackedNutrition.com

“For the last twenty years, Vitamin O has been our bestselling product,” said Smyth. “That’s because its immediate and amazing health benefits are helping our customers enhance their wellness every day.”

R-Garden, a company that creates a wide variety of products dedicated to improving the health of families everywhere, is debuting its leading Vitamin O product through StackedNutrition.com, a popular nutritional products website.

With just two squirts per day, Vitamin O delivers a blast of oxygen to the bloodstream. The goal of the product is to help boost energy through delivering oxygen quickly and effectively into the bloodstream. R-Garden was founded in 1996 and also sells herbal and mineral supplements, probiotics and more. Vitamin O is one of its most-popular products that’s now available through major retail sites and specialty nutritional supplement sites.

Offering more than 170 brands and 2600 products, StackedNutrition is popular among health-conscious consumers for its low-priced, high-quality natural supplements.

“We’ve known the tremendous benefits of Vitamin O for years and we’re excited to report it’s now available for purchase on StackedNutrition.com,” said Don Smyth of R-Garden. “This is an opportunity for an even broader base of customers to enjoy Vitamin O’s numerous benefits. This product has been growing because of its amazingly effective results.”

Through long-term research and analysis, product developers have run Vitamin O through a rigorous process to ensure its effectiveness. Nutritional supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. However, people who have taken the supplement have reported greater energy and endurance, increased comfort during allergy seasons and a great feeling on the skin.

Vitamin O is made from extremely pure and clean salt water. To separate the oxygen from the hydrogen molecules, R-Garden uses electricity, dissolving the sodium and hydrogen and replacing it with more oxygen molecules. The end result is electrically activated liquid oxygen in its purest, most natural state. The liquid form allows for better, more rapid absorption and easier use.

“For the last twenty years, Vitamin O has been our bestselling product,” said Smyth….

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