R-Garden Vitamin O Now Available for Purchase on Jet.com

“Anyone whose concerned with their wellness should check out our product,” said Smyth. “By partnering with Jet.com, more and more people will discover the amazing benefits of adding Vitamin O to their lifestyle.”

R-Garden, a company that creates a wide variety of products dedicated to improving the health of families everywhere, is now making its popular Vitamin O product available through retailer Jet.com.

Vitamin O is a unique highly popular liquid oxygen product. The goal of the product is to pump users full of oxygen the body needs to improve blood flow. Customers have reported excellent results using a couple of squirts per day. The product is becoming more available with new sales partnerships with online retail platforms and specialty nutritional sites. R-Garden was established in 1996 and is pursuing an aggressive expansion strategy in the US.

Started three years ago, Jet.com is a rapidly growing e-commerce platform. In 2016, the company became a subsidiary of retail giant Walmart.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the rapidly growing Jet.com,” said Don Smyth of R-Garden. “Vitamin O is our most-popular product because it delivers real results for people of all ages. We’re confident that with Jet.com’s health even more people will begin to realize the tremendous benefits of a simple but effective oxygen boost.”

If you ever find that you’re running low on energy, the cause may be a lack of oxygen flowing through the bloodstream. R-Garden’s researchers have analyzed how Vitamin increases arterial blood oxygen, leading to more effective delivery to the blood stream and, in turn, greater energy and stamina. By using an electrical-activation process via a saline solution, Vitamin O provides a supercharged boost to your energy levels in an entirely natural way.

Vitamin O is made from extremely pure and clean salt water. To separate the oxygen from the hydrogen molecules, R-Garden uses electricity, dissolving the sodium and hydrogen and replacing it with more oxygen molecules. The end result is electrically activated liquid oxygen in its purest, most natural state. Additionally, there was an increase in carbon dioxide discharge, with the waste gasses leaving the bloodstream faster, meaning less pain,…

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