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David Dimbleby is hosting the first show of 2018 from Islington

Panelists on the show this week are: Conservative Housing Minister Dominic Raab, Labour MP Dawn Butler, Pro-EU campaigner Gina Miller, Comedian Nish Kumar, and host of ITV’s This Morning Piers Morgan.

It’s been an explosive first week back for Parliament with Theresa May reshuffling her Cabinet and Toby Young resigning from the Office of Students, both topics are likely to be covered during tonight’s show.

It’s also possible that pay discrimination, a cut down on plastics, and Brexit will be discussed as all have featured prominently in the news over the past few days.

Question Time LIVE Updates:


23.56pm: Dimbleby brings the debate to a close

David Dimbleby has ended the debate after a series of feirce excahnges on the show.

Next week Question Time will be broadcast from Hereford.

On the 25th January the politics programme will take place in Dumfries.


Dimbleby brings the debate to a close

23.53pm: Should Virgin ban newspaper they disagree with?

With just minutes left of the debate left the host has asked the panel for their thoughts on Virgin banning newspapers they disagree with.

Gina Miller supports the move saying that the train operator should be allowed to stock whichever newspapers they want.

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan has called the decison “pathetic” and pointed out that Virgin only stock pro-EU newspapers now.

Dominic Raab has also condemned the position and called for consumers to be able to decide what newspapers to read.

23.45pm: Trump comments “bizarre”

Conservative Minister Dominic Raab has said he thought Trump’s comments on being a “stable genius” were “bizarre”.

However, he has said that the UK needs to respect the office of the President while equally not being afraid to say when they disagree with him.

23.42pm: Debate moves on

The panel are now discussing: “Is Donald Trump a stable genius”


David Dimbleby said Labour can’t say the NHS is in crisis

23.40pm: Dimbleby turns on Dawn Butler

Dawn Butler has said that the NHS is the best health service in the world but accused the Government of creating a health “crisis”.

Pointing out problems in the Labour MP’s answer David Dimbleby asks Ms Butler how it can be in a “crisis” if it’s the best.

The Labour politian seems unable to give a straight answer to the question.

Dominic Raab jokes that the answer was no clearer than Jeremy Corbyn’s position on Brexit.

23.33pm: “Stop the petty point scoring!”


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