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As one of the country’s leaders in moving distressed goods, American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc.(AML) have established themselves as a name that can be trusted – Palletbid. They buy closeout merchandise, of real top quality, and have one of, if not the biggest inventories within the industry.  Operating for nineteen years, they specialize in general merchandise pallets as well as more specific categories such as: electronics, auto parts and accessories, tools, equipment, clothing, beauty treatment, and furnishings, decor, and other appliances for the home.


The company will buy closeout merchandise from massive retail stores or other high profile sources by the thousands, often stepping into help during a period of struggle. There are bargains to be had and good money to be made. The general merchandise pallets can contain items that might be customer returns, overstocks, or shelf pulls, but they all will be of the highest standard, perhaps with a slightly damaged packaging, or minus a small, easily replaceable part. Sure, that can be overlooked because you can be assured of the quality of the product if not its packaging!


The pallets are sometimes geared towards the seasonal trends or theme based ones such as the winter activities of sledging and snowboarding, plus all the decorations for the Christmas time; also Easter decorations and associated merchandise. There is a big demand for school and office supplies, such as: printers, stationery, chairs etc., together with lots of toys and games.


The whole concept might seem a little daunting to begin with, but once into the swing of things, it is a fascinating experience. After registering and then having done with your account verification, you are immediately ready to buy close out merchandise. To find the big deals, it pays to keep an eye out for items that are either ending soon, or have only recently been added; this will be on a daily basis.


The highly skilled and professional staff are all extremely well informed and can solve most queries  then and there for you. If you are even a little unsure and would like to see any of these general merchandise pallets, or those with a more particular product, it is possible to make an appointment to visit the company’s enormous warehouse containing pallets in advance of 2,000 in number. They can be contacted on 1-888-550-4950. Also do stop by or take a look at the excellent website @ www.palletbid.com to gain a greater insight. It will surely be a…

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