PublicRelay Partners with Consumer Technology Association To Power Communications Media Hub Nerve Center At CES 2018

“The fit is perfect: CTA is using our technology to showcase the latest tech ideas at the one place the world looks to see innovation at work.”

PublicRelay today announced that the company is partnering with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) ™ for the third consecutive year to provide real-time communications intelligence and coverage analytics at CES 2018®, produced by CTA and running in Las Vegas from Jan. 9-12, 2018. PublicRelay will operate the Communications Media Hub Nerve Center at CES, monitoring news coverage, delivering daily trending data, and providing real-time media analysis about exhibitors, speakers, and trending topics throughout the show.

CES is the world’s largest and most influential global technology event, and PublicRelay is powering the event’s 360-degree communications program with premier media intelligence. Going far beyond the traditional media coverage metrics and lists, PublicRelay utilizes powerful technology paired with trained analysts to deliver rich, actionable insights and provide insightful narratives all day, every day. CTA leverages these data to understand precisely how the show and exhibitors resonate in the media, to know what is hot, and to maximize media visibility and impact at CES.

As the leading media intelligence company known for its ability to turn data into high-quality, real-time, actionable and interactive insight at scale, PublicRelay will:

  • Offer interactive dashboards to visualize media reaction and insights on and off the event floor.
  • Identify and track top exhibitors, speakers, and products that are driving media engagement and social buzz at the show.
  • Provide insights into the messages that are most effective and powerful in the media – far beyond simple keyword analysis.
  • Deliver rich analysis of key influencers, enabling CTA to engage with them quickly and effectively.

“PublicRelay’s technology delivers unmatched insights into the trends, issues, and influencers at CES, making our team more focused and effective every single day of the show. This means we can deliver increased impact and value to our exhibitor partners at CES,” said Jeff Joseph, CTA’s VP Communications & Strategic Partnerships.

“Now in our third…

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