Public Apology to All Gay Men

In August, we published a press release to introduce this DaddyBear to all of you and express our idea of making it the best platform for healthy and HIV negative gay men. And because of our wrong notion, many big gay news sites reported us and strongly criticized our foolish attempt. Then we received many letters and complaints from people who noticed these reports on Queety, NewNowNext, GayStarNews and other big gay news sites. And finally, they helped Justin, the CEO of DaddyBear. He realized the real current situation of HIV and started to regret for what he had done and decided to make a sincere apology here.

As for this improper idea, it came for a reason. Justin is a gay sugar daddy who is loyal and prefers long term relationships. His last partner left him for no reason and he has had a really hard time to accept that breakup. Recently, Justin heard that his partner was infected with HIV during their relationship when he was having unprotected sex with another guy who was with the malicious intent to transmit the disease. After diagnosed, his partner felt ashamed and desperate, so he chose to put an end to the relationship. Although Justin couldn’t forgive his betrayal, he was so mad at the guy who infected his partner. That anger lead him to wrongly misjudge the present situation and make an immature decision to build a gay dating app that doesn’t allow gay men living with HIV.

Justin wants to firstly express his gratitude towards Mark S. King, a writer who pointed out our mistake directly in his article, which made us to know why it is not right to promote a gay app that excludes HIV-positive men from joining. Justin would also like to apologize and wish Mark could forgive him for not figuring out the reality before making a wrong statement. In order to make it right, Justin and his team had a deeper look at recent study results towards people living with HIV. Then we realized that there are many hiv positive guys out there and most of them are receiving systematic treatment which can help them have an undetectable viral load and highly prevent HIV transmission. Besides, it is hard to know if someone is truly HIV+ or HIV- according to his profile on a dating app. So we do not advocate unprotected sex.

Moreover, Justin wants to thank all the writers who have criticized his idea and all…

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