Psychological Analysis Applied in Leadership One

You can recruit by reputation. If your attrition is low, you don’t have to do a lot of recruiting. That is a good thing for many reasons, primarily because it saves time and money. However, most employees do change jobs once in a while and they do retire, so smart leaders are always in the business of recruiting for the day they have vacancies to fill.If your employees are happy you have no trouble getting qualified applicants to apply for your vacant positions. Smart applicants have done their research and see that yours is an organization that values its employees and takes pride in their accomplishments. Smart leaders have an effective marketing strategy that showcases their efforts to train and develop people, acknowledge excellence and implement programs that foster intellectual growth. Once yours is known as a great organization to work for, you can move the money normally reserved for recruitment to other more critical needs.

Your employees are your best recruiters. Happy employees talk about the organization to their friends and family on a regular basis. They are excited about what they are working on and talk freely about their assignments. They highly recommend the organization as a great place to work. When asked for specifics they can quickly name at least five things that they like about working there, such as the fact that they feel appreciated and respected, that organizational leaders partner well with labor unions, and company policies follow not just the letter but also the intent of the law. Even when there are no vacancies, they encourage others to try to get a job there someday.And, whenever there are vacancies, they spread the gospel and actively look for good candidates. They are proud of the company, its leadership, and their part in its success.

They don’t sweat the small stuff. Happy employees minimize conflict by focusing on the organization’s mission and goals. They have a profound understanding and universal buy-in of the purpose of the organization and their role in it.They are models of courtesy and respect. There is a maturity about the way they handle themselves that comes from gratitude for their job and understanding that no job is without its stresses and challenges.

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