Prophecy For Recruiting & Talent Management Experts

Social Media dominated in Year 2011: Year 2011 was a challenging year for many recruiting, placement and talent management companies but despite of lower costs budgets, candidate seeking firms continued to employ and develop talent. One factor that seemed to get into at every high level management conversation was social media. It’s obvious that Face book or MySpace, LinkedIn and Tweeter will play a lead part in selecting and building best talent in years to come.

Needlessly to say, year 2011 saw no less than forty new companies appear to help organizations use social networking to attract referrals. Companies started to see early phase tools to use social networking in talent evaluation (pre and post hire) as well as applicant or employee experience management. New tools introduced have much improved exposure into talent hiring.

Mobile platform will be in year 2012: By the end of year 2011, even the disbelievers will have to confess that the mobile platform will have become the major devices and connections platform by early adopting best practice companies. The capabilities provided customers of mobile phones, smart phones and tablet devices to develop hugely day by day. In the old times specific in boxes existed for the computers user, smart device customers could see all inbound e-mail, social texting, text messages, and speech and video texting in a single place.

Tablet devices will become the exclusive educational setting and growing class of tools will let workers manage almost every aspect of their professional life electronically. During the next year 2012, talent management organizations need to pay intensely assisting talent control projects across cellular platform.

Hiring competition in selected areas:  International economic issues will continue for decades to come but the international war for talent will proceed spearing in the key sector areas. While talent development has stunted in Chine, Australia and South Asia such as Indian keeps seeing extraordinary need for experienced talent. In the U.S. and European countries, need is still mostly restricted to certain sectors where skills shortages have been an issue for decades.

In modern day of technological innovation, year 2012 will see a significant boom in the war for top talent. Pioneers and game changers companies like Face book or MySpace, Apple, Google, Tweets, and Zynga, new type to technical online companies will be blessed as each fighting for the best of the best….

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