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The two bedroom property is in fabulous condition, with a wood burning stove in the living room.

The pretty garden has plenty of space for outside seating as well as a generous lawn.

In the kitchen, the cabinets installed are modern and bright, with sleek contrasting tiles.

But the pretty home does hide a massive secret that any potential buyer would need to be aware of.

The name of the cottage, The Bootle Station home, gives a clue as to what it is.

The cottage, made of red granite and sandstone, is a former station masters home on a train station that still has locomotives driving past it every day.

The railway property, on the Cumbrian Coast Line from Carlisle to Barrow, is privately owned but the platform belongs to Network Rail.

A Northern Rail train passes through every hour from around 7am up until 7.30pm every day except Sundays, which people can signal to stop by putting their arm out.

Passengers access the platform via the public forecourt and although the waiting shelter is away from the cottage, the owner Martin Freeman often sees people stood outside.

Mr Freeman, a 60-year-old teacher who has lived there for four years, said: “When the train passes through it is very slow and is very quiet.

“The walls are thick and with the double glazing, so you can’t really hear the trains inside.”

Built in the 1850s, the property includes the working old station clock.

In a shocking piece of history, the home was the scene of a tragic war-related accident when a fire in a wagon loaded with depth charges erupted in March 1945.

The driver, Harold Goodall, was trying to put the blaze out when the charges detonated, killing him instantly. This created a 50ft deep, 100ft long crater and shattered windows up to a mile away.

When the station stopped being manned in 1962 the station master bought the railway building and the house.

Mr Freeman said the property, which is around 20 minutes from a “stunning beach”, was “totally  dilapidated” when he purchased it.

He continued: “I wasn’t interested in the railway, it was because it was such a unique and distinctive property that I really liked it.”

It is not actually in Bootle village but the nearby hamlet of Hycemoor in the Lake District National Park, surrounded by countryside.

It has a large private garden to the back and an allotment beside the station platform.

Gareth Hammond, from Hatched Estate Agents, said: “Anyone who is a train enthusiast need look no further.

“While it would be easy for some to…

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