Promotional products are a rampant commodity in today’s world. Every other brand we are a consumer of, made its entry into our lives at some point of time with some promo item. In fact if we look around and observe carefully, we will find that there are hardly any companies left in the market who are not bit by the promo gifts bug.  So much that now there is an industry which solely deals in the creation and manufacture of promotional products. There are lots more to know about the idea of promo items than what is apparent on the surface. There are a lot of pros and cons which lie beneath the surface.

We start with the reasons as to why the idea of promo items has gained such high popularity among the companies and the people. Firstly, these promo items and giveaways are a very low investment on the company’s side, in comparison to the other modes of advertisement. Any other method to advertise is both expensive and cumbersome. Secondly, the strategy of promo gifts is usually very effective. The very concept is framed keeping in mind the vulnerability of human tendencies. Everyone loves free useful things. They feel valued and respect the brand. The customer relations are enhanced and the brand becomes a regular in their lives. Thirdly, personalized products usually show quick results which also last long. The products when carefully built continue for years.  And finally, there are many attractive options to choose the promo gifts from. The industry is well developed and efficiently equipped to meet the demands with adequate supply.

We now discuss the downsides of the promo items strategy.  Despite all the above mentioned advantages of promotional products there are a few cons as well. To begin with, the promo items are needed to be very carefully chosen. They should aptly be able to represent their respective brands well. A misleading promo gift can hamper the reputation of the brand. Secondly, the promo gift items are usually ordered in huge bulks. Care…

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