ProLyric was Released by Pixel Film Studios for FCPX

This FCPX Plugin was designed for music videos.

Create a feel-good lyric music video in Final Cut Pro X with ProLyric from Pixel Film Studios. Users can place presets above footage and sound in the timeline and write in the lyrics to any song. ProLyric flies in the text for each section and it hovers around the screen before flying back out. Each line of the text can be added modularly for optimal control. ProLyric makes editing any music video or text-based production easier than ever.

Using ProLyric is easy. Simply choose a 1.5 – 6 second duration preset from the Titles Browser. Select the preset based on how long the text will display for and place it in the timeline a few frames before the vocals are heard. Make sure that the text animates out as the lyrics are finished being sang. Repeat these steps for additional lines.

Choose which direction the text flies in the scene using an intuitive drop-down menu that lets users choose from a variety of preset directions. Once a direction has been selected, adjust the X, Y and Z angle of the text’s start point. Then, finish up by doing the same for the End Animation Controls.

Take advantage of ProLyric’s intuitive slider controls to adjust the text shakiness. Adjust the radius that the position of the text move around as well as how much it rotates. Then, adjust how fast it moves. Finish up by generating a new texture for style. Adjust the scale, falloff and opacity of the texture to further stylize.

Users can opt to use a drop zone instead of text if they wish. If users want to display a pre-made lyric sheet or a transparent image with their own designs then they can choose to use the Custom Text Presets. Simply click on the Drop Zone button in the Inspector window and choose the selected image in…

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