ProLumetric Volume 2 Was Released By Pixel Film Studios For FCPX

Pixel Film Studios – ProLumetric Volume 2 – FCPX Effects

This new FCPX Effect features a built in masking tool.

ProLumetric Volume 2 is an effect that allows video editors to achieve crepuscular ray effects, sunbeams, and volumetric lighting in Final Cut Pro X. ProLumetric Volume 2 features a built-in masking tool that allows users to accurately cut-out light and keyframe mask points to accurately depict volumetric light around moving subjects. Utilize simple on-screen controls to bend and defuse the light in any scene.

ProLumetric Volume 2 is a volumetric lighting effect created exclusively for Final Cut Pro. With ProLumetric, editors can easily utilize the light within a scene to create realistic sun rays with natural diffusion. Creating majestic sunbeams is easy. Start by drawing a mask around the light source, then uncheck the guides. Next, utilize the on-screen controls to change the direction of the light and alter ray length. Lastly, use the diffusion control to soften the lighting.

ProLumetric Volume 2 features a built-in masking tool that allows users to easily cut out windows of light. To use the masking tool, start by clicking around the subject and completing the mask. Double-click the line to add a point. Double-click a point to change its curvature. Command + double-click on a point to delete it. With these simple controls, user can refine their cut-out selection. ProLumetric makes achieving beautiful sun rays easy in Final Cut Pro X.

With ProLumetric Volume 2, users can keyframe the position of mask points to accurately depict lighting around moving subjects. First, complete the a mask around a light source and move the playhead to the first frame of the video clip. Next, select ‚ÄúStart…

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