Progression In Enterprise Social Networking

The various social networks have revolutionized how people communicate with each other. These networks that were formed to assist people in communicating are now making the presence felt in the world of the enterprises. This amalgam between the networks and the enterprises gives a new meaning to business interactions. Over the years, we have noticed some exciting trends that have risen, as a result of the amalgam.


  1. Customers are part of the business community: Enterprises no longer consider customers to be outsiders. With the freedom of being vocal, customers are more vocal in providing suggestions than before. They are an integral part of a business, and help them to make tough business decisions. Nowadays, savvy businesses utilize networking tools, so that they can provide customers with developments news about the business. This trend of providing strategic development news to customers will grow in the coming years. Networking channels give businesses the benefit to form communities and interact with clients. Most businesses have been able to make huge profits, after they interacted with clients having similar interests. Customers also benefit, since they receive real-time feedback from enterprises. Businesses do not need to pester clients to provide feedback on products. This is a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses. Now, businesses can feel secure even with wavering trends in the market, since they befriend users of the products.


  1. Social networking has removed almost all the hierarchical boundaries and enhanced the way people connect with each other. This also improves the way in which customers connect with relevant businesses. According to an industry insider, most enterprises are taking an initiative to adopt networking methods with the organization itself. Employees can come to know about each other, as well as interact with those in other departments. Most enterprises have gained, as a result of this interaction. They can find a person, who has talent and relevant knowledge for completing and succeeding in a project. This helps in filling the gap that is usually made when employers narrow down perception based on formal job profiles or descriptions.


Earlier, there was a lack of information, and work force. Enterprise social networking fills the gap that was made by lack of resources. It provides an equal access to details and information across various levels and job functions. In fact, the CEO may be very…

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