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The city is making progress on a number of street rehabs, improvements to storm drains and designing for future projects.

Here is an update on some of what the Public Works Department has going:

Lambert Road rehabilitation: This project will include the pavement rehabilitation of Lambert Road between Idaho Street and Harbor Boulevard. Design work is 90 percent complete. Staff anticipates the opening of construction bids in early-January and to have a contract awarded in early 2018.

Whittier Boulevard/Hacienda Road intersection: Staff has completed the final review of the plans, specifications and estimates for the project and is working to close negotiations with the property owner at the northeast corner of the intersection in order to purchase of a portion of that property for lane widening. Staff is also consulting with Paragon Partners regarding other potential options to acquire the property.

Mobile homes streets: This project will add concrete gutters and rehabilitate the roadways within Park La Habra and View Park Estates mobile home parks.  Staff has completed the final review of the plans, specifications and estimate.  Staff anticipates a bid opening in December.

East Bishop Drive storm drain: This project will finalize storm drain design. Staff completed its review of plans, specifications and cost estimate.

Union Pacific Rail Line bikeway: The project seeks acquisition of right-of-way along the Union Pacific Rail Line for a new bike/pedestrian pathway.  Caltrans has accepted a request to schedule an agenda item for the March California Transportation Commission meeting regarding a funding request for the project from the city.  During this meeting, the CTC will either allocate or deny the funding request.

In the meantime, city staff has nearly finished the environmental processing requirements for the environmental impact report associated with the project. A 30-day public review period will close Jan. 2.  On Jan. 22 the Planning Commission is expected to consider the EIR and it could be sent to Caltrans in February.

Environmental cleanup project: The contractor, G2 Construction,has completed installation of screens on catch basins to capture trash at various priority locations throughout the city.  The contractor is now installing connector pipe screens inside the catch basins.  City staff anticipates the project will be completed in December.

Complete Streets Master Plan project: This project will evaluate streets throughout the…

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