Programme Announced for the 2017 TU-Automotive Europe Conference & Exhibition

For 15 years TU-Automotive Europe has been the core meeting and learning point for Europe’s connected car industry

At TU-Automotive Europe 2017, industry leaders and disruptors from Audi, Volvo, BMW, Deutsche Bahn, Skoda, Uber and more will lay out their visions for the future of automotive in sustainable, smart mobility.

The programme can be viewed here:

2017 has seen a huge evolution in industry discussions as mobility pilots roll out on roads across the continent. To reflect this, the event is bringing case studies to the stage as “Vehicle 2 X” becomes a key industry reality.

Annie Reddaway, senior project director at TU-Automotive, said “For 15 years TU-Automotive Europe has been the core meeting and learning point for Europe’s connected car industry. This year we are back in Munich with a new venue and new look and feel.

She continued, “We are bringing real world data & case studies to the stage as the industry prepares to roll out connected & automated technologies that will revolutionise not just the auto industry, but mobility in our cities and the whole society.”

This year’s TU-Automotive Europe promises to answer every pressing question facing the industry, including automation, business strategy, A.I., the data exchange, smart cities and more. Here are some key topics:

Shape the Future of Digital Auto Tech:

  •     Vehicles Meet Everything: Integrate V2X to increase safety, interact with cities, and pave the way for autonomy. Debate which networks (e.g. 5G v ITS G5) will optimise V2X functionality
  •     Cities Get Smart: Share data sets, integrate with intermodal MaaS and test AV fleets to make auto a key collaborator with cities in delivering smart transportation & hitting environmental targets
  •     The Cognitive Car: Use machine learning & predictive analytics to optimise AV “driving” and safety whilst harnessing A.I. to deliver a truly personalised cockpit experience
  •     The Human Factor: Learn from ground-breaking public pilots and consumer studies to create an AV strategy that speaks to the whole market, not just early adopters. Will people trust machines?
  •     The New Auto Ecosystem: Create new partnerships to capitalise on disruptive business models…

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