Proficio Capital Partners Launches Multi-Strategy Insurance Dedicated Fund (IDF)

The goal of the Proficio IDF is to generate risk adjusted returns while preserving wealth through extreme diversification and multiple investment strategies.

Proficio Capital Partners, a multi-family office serving as a high touch manager of both liquid and illiquid financial assets, today announced the launch of a new Insurance Dedicated Fund– the Proficio Capital Strategic Opportunities IDF (the “Fund”) – a series of the SALI Multi-Series Fund, L.P. immediately available on Prudential Financial and Crown Global Insurance Group platforms. Proficio Capital Partners serves as the discretionary subadvisor to the Fund.

The Fund distinguishes itself by providing an opportunistic approach to diversification by investing in a multi-asset portfolio of both internally and externally managed investment vehicles including, but not limited to: single-stocks, bonds and alternative positions, as well as commodities and precious metals, hedge funds, mutual funds, liquid alternative indices, structured products, derivatives, futures, ETFs, ETNs, CEFs and other investment vehicles. It aims to generate highly competitive risk-adjusted returns through the construction of a highly diversified and actively allocated combination of asset classes and securities. The Fund will be available inside both variable annuity (PPVA) and variable life insurance (PPVUL) policies.

Tax efficiency is at the core of Proficio’s investment strategy for its families. In fact, the firm was founded in 2014 by Matthew Wosk and Bob Haber after becoming frustrated with the lack of options for families to evaluate their true performance reports after fees and taxes. PPVUL and PPVA investment accounts have been part of a long-standing tax exclusion for investing inside an insurance/annuity policy. Proficio has been using these types of accounts for their families to complement non-IDF investment accounts with a focus on generating more efficient after-tax returns.

“We evaluated other IDFs, but determined that to meet the multi-generational wealth needs of our families, the options were limited,” said Proficio Founder and Chief Investment Officer Bob Haber. “Similar to our non-IDF offering, the goal of the Proficio IDF Fund will be to generate risk adjusted returns while…

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