Production of seedlings

Seedlings that differently young plants grown from seed in greenhouses.

Seeds can be spread directly  into pots, boxes or rings, which are set in the greenhouse . If plants are quilted, seeding can be used by broadcasting, which provides maximum use of space. Seeds were sown in paper bags or boxes, observing that the seeds work evenly. After sowing the seeds is tapped lightly and cover with a thin layer of sand or earth. However, the most commonly used seeding  is in rows  at which plants benefit from better access of light, it is also easier to nurture them. Until we determine spacing rows of long, wooden slat, which is lightly pressed, leaving the groove. Before sowing very small seeds of the earth is tapped lightly . After sowing the seeds we cover with a thin layer of soil or pure sand, and lightly pressed. Cover layer of the seeds should be three times thicker than the diameter of the seed. Sowing the seeds too deep can cause the plants do not wzejdą or may be poorly developed and may be distorted. If you anticipate pricking seedlings, sowing may be thicker and then we determine what rows 2 – 4 inches, and in boxes or other containers at 2- 3 inch. If the seedlings do not peaks are sowing the rows must be less frequent, and greater distance between rows. Excessive density of plants causes them Rushing excessive elongation of shoots and the loss of intense green color of leaves. Sown areas should be watered through a strainer with small holes. If the seeds sprout long, watering must be repeated. Frames and windows are covered with mats. Mats starts to take off only after the publication of the first seedlings.


As soon will spread to the cotyledons, the seedlings peaks, which exaggerates the place of transition, before planting it in place permanently. Quilting, used only in the accelerated cultivation of vegetables, is intended to provide a densely inoculated plants more space for further growth is also influenced by the strengthening of the root system. When removing the flawed land seedling taproot, which makes it close to the base of the stem grow many small lateral roots, and then when planting seedlings in place permanently remove the it from the ground with the entire root ball without damaging the roots. Quilting should carefully remove the seedlings, raising them a little pin. Grasp the end of the seedling leaf and place the roots in the hole, taken pin or your finger, being careful not to  upwards. Seedlings are planted…

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