Proctorio, Global Leader in Online Proctoring, Reveals New Logo and Manifesto

Exam Integrity by Design.

Design thinking allows Proctorio to place instructors and students at the center of product development.

Proctorio has made a lot of news lately with its cutting-edge mobile technology and prestigious educational partnerships. Along with these innovations in online proctoring, Proctorio is excited to announce a new logo and tagline that embody the company’s technological advancement and design thinking.

Founder and CEO, Mike Olsen, discussed the origins of Proctorio’s original webcam logo, “The old logo was a symbol of security and vigilance and, while we continue to emphasize exam security, this new branding better represents the unique combination of simplicity and sophistication that is Proctorio.” Olsen added, “Proctorio’s ability to proctor online exams while protecting student privacy is unmatched, and we will continue to develop new features that allow institutions to protect academic integrity without sacrificing student privacy or data protections.”

The new Proctorio logo is a little more abstract, and it features not one, but three webcams. The colors evoke mental activity, growth, knowledge and elegance. The webcam shapes form a letter “P” to represent the name “Proctorio”. Gary Ruiz, Director of Media for Proctorio, summarized, “This new logo is an opportunity for us to update our brand while highlighting the design elements that distinguish Proctorio from other online proctoring solutions. We have the most advanced software in the world for validating identities, securing exam content and protecting academic integrity in online exams, hands down.”

Along with its new logo, Proctorio revealed a new tagline, “Exam Integrity by Design.” Proctorio’s proctoring solution is unique because its design places stakeholders at the center, with engineers and designers addressing human concerns throughout the design process. Judson Garrett, Director of Education for Proctorio, explained, “We deploy design thinking throughout our organization, work spaces and software. Design thinking allows Proctorio to place instructors and students at the center of product development, which is evident in every facet of our software and customer support.”


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