PRO EM-1 Now Available Across U.S., Canadian Markets

“We encourage anyone who would like to improve various aspects of their health to give PRO EM-1 a try,” said Lancaster. “We look forward to reaching more people with this exceptional product in the near future.”

PRO EM-1, a groundbreaking formula available through Effective Microorganisms®, has made an impressive impact on the North American market. The product is now available through some of the world’s top retailers, including,,, and others.

The formula is now available in the United States and Canada thanks to an exclusive partnership with the Texas-based TeraGanix. It contains a proprietary combination of lactic acid bacteria, yeast and photosynthetic bacteria—three distinct microbes that help people lose weight, boost their immune system and improve their digestive health.

PRO EM-1 is based on technology developed in Japan and is the first product of its kind in the United States to unleash the full power of photosynthetic bacteria.

“It has been incredibly exciting to work with such high-impact retailers to market and distribute PRO EM-1 across the North American market — and the results speak for themselves,” said Eric Lancaster, executive vice president at TeraGanix. “We have received some exceptionally positive feedback from consumers, who have responded well to the value and effectiveness this formula delivers. Whether you want to lose weight, address a gastrointestinal problem or simply improve your health, this is a great product to check out.”

The three-microbe combination in the PRO EM-1 formula is especially helpful for those who have experienced significant gastrointestinal issues. It has also been proven effective to protect against some forms of infections, thanks to the fact that it can suppress pathogens that can cause the body’s system to get off balance.

In addition, because it is a fermented probiotic, PRO EM-1 maintains the full effects of its most important metabolites. To that end, the formula tends to be much more effective than its competitors on the market, despite the fact that it has a lower colony count.

“We encourage anyone who would like to improve various aspects of their health to give PRO EM-1 a try,” said…

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