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Princess Diana’s death: 20 years later here is a look at the tragic crash that claimed her life

Diana, Princess of Wales, suffered fatal injuries in a car crash at around 12.22am on Sunday August 31 1997 in the Alma underpass near the Seine river.

was in the car with her partner Dodi Fayed, the son of Egyptian millionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed. He and the driver Henri Paul also died in the crash.

The only person to survive the terrible crash was her bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, who had a traumatic head injury and was left scarred for life.

After Diana was pulled from the wreckage, she went into cardiac arrest at 2.10am. Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital staff pronounced her death at 4am.

Here is a timeline of how the fatal car crash unfolded.

August 30 1997

Princess Diana and Mr Fayed arrived in Paris on Saturday August 30, after flying in on private jet from a brief holiday in the French and Italian Riviera.

The couple planned to stay the night before travelling to London the following day. They were staying at the five star Hôtel Ritz Paris, which was owned by Mohamed Al-Fayed. 

4.35pm: Time-stamped CCTV footage caught the Princess and her partner walking through the hotel’s lobby toward the lifts.

Security cameras in the lift also captured the couple as the made their way Room 102 of the Imperial Suite.

6.54pm: After spending some time in the hotel, the couple decided to visit Mr Fayed’s private apartment near the Arc de Triomphe.


Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed were spending the night of August 31 in Paris

6.59pm: CCTV footage caught the couple leaving the hotel through a back exit in a bid to avoid paparazzi cameras.

By this time, their arrival in Paris caught the attention of the press and their moves were being followed by photographers.

Minutes later, Mr Paul left for the day but asked to be informed if the couple returned to the hotel later in the evening.

9.51pm: Princess Diana and Mr Fayed returned to the hotel for a romantic dinner, but their evening was ruined by the presence of paparazzi.

Just 10 minutes into their meal, a Princess Diana and Mr Fayed left the restaurant to finish their dinner in their suite.



CCTV footage in the Ritz Hotel in Paris captured Diana’s final hours

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