Prince Harry’s ex-army cheif blasts ‘slander’ from Labour MP Emma Dent Coad | Royal | News

The former Head of Apache Operational Training, who cannot be named for security reasons, described the Labour MPs royal remarks as “bias” and accused her of “slander”.

Speaking to Conservative MP Johnny Mercer, the military veteran said: “I have written to her this morning, describing to her what I have stated above and requesting that she do what is morally right now she is in possession of the true facts: to publicly retract her comments and apologise to the Prince.”

The military expert destroyed Coad’s lies by discussing the Prince’s superb natural ability in a helicopter cockpit.

Prince Harry’s former superior also revealed that the Royal won an award for best co-pilot gunner during his service.

He added: “Ultimately he was given the award for the best CPG on his course, not because he was a member of the monarchy, but because he was by far and away the most capable individual on the course.”

“One thing that really stood out about Prince Harry during his training was his self-effacing modesty in relation to his own abilities.

“I found it very difficult to convince him that he was awarded the best CPG prize entirely on merit; he was only too ready to believe that he had received it just because of who he was.

“This could not have been further from the truth – it would actually have been easier not to award it to him, because of who he was and a natural assumption from all that he had received it because he was a royal.”

Ms Coad has been on the defensive ever since her laughable claims were made about the Prince.

Speaking to the BBC’s Daily Politics show, she said: “I’m being called everything under the sun this morning, getting all sorts of vile abuse. This has opened the gates to hell.

“Somebody else will tell me whether or not that’s true but I’ve been told that it is an absolute fact that somebody sits beside him and drives the helicopters for him.

“If we can’t have a debate are we living in a democracy? I live in a democracy and think I should be able to say something.

“This is a debate, not a revolution. I want a debate about taxpayers funding the royal family.”

Since attempting to dump false claims on Prince Harry, many Labour MP’s have distanced themselves from Ms Coad with Conservative MP Lewes Maria Caulfield demanding the resignation of the Kensington representative.

She said: “Dent Coad should resign – she has betrayed her parliamentary oath.”

The laughable leftie sparked fury yesterday when she mocked the…

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