Prince Harry takes Meghan Markle for romantic birthday getaway to Africa

Prince Harry whisked Meghan Markle away on a romantic getaway to Africa to celebrate his girlfriend’s 36th birthday.

Harry, 32, and Markle, a California-born actress on the TV show “Suits, were photographed together by the British newspaper The Sun as they headed off on a safari.

Harry appeared to give other passengers the thumbs-up as he smiled while walking arm-in-arm with Markle on the tarmac in Southern Africa.

Markle spent last week celebrating her birthday in London with her mother, leading many to speculate that an engagement between Harry and Markle is imminent.

Harry returned to London Thursday night from a three-day event sponsored by Google in Sicily. The private event, hosted by Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, brings together members of the world’s elite — past guests have included Elon Musk, Alicia Keys and Malala, among others — to discuss humanitarian issues, artistic expression and the future of the world. This year’s event culminated in a concert by Lenny Kravitz beneath the ruins in the Valley of the Temples.

Harry has been called the “prince of hearts” in comparison to his mother, the late Princess Diana, but it is Markle who has finally captured the heart of one of the world’s most eligible bachelors.

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Actress Meghan Markle, left, and Prince Harry, right.

Harry and Markle were introduced by mutual friends last summer, reportedly at London’s members-only Soho House. While the relationship initially remained under the radar, which allowed the couple to get to know each other privately, it wasn’t long before their blossoming romance captivated the world media.

Now that the couple has surpassed the one-year mark in their relationship, British tabloids are playing a guessing game on when Markle, who was married once before, and Harry will formally announce their engagement.

Markle was captured kissing Harry at charity polo match in May, a significant step in the couple’s relationship and the first time they attended a public event together as a couple. A few weeks later, Markle was Harry’s plus-one at an evening reception to celebrate the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews.

Markle also recently shut down her lifestyle blog, The Tig, and ended her partnership with Canadian clothing chain Reitmans, two more steps that would be required if she were to join the royal family, who fiercely guard their privacy.

Harry joined the “Suits” actress over Easter weekend in Toronto instead of…

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