Priest embraced Islam, (5) Ex- Coptic Priest and Missionary (Egypt)-i

Priest embraced Islam, (5) Ex- Coptic Priest and Missionary (Egypt)-i

Part one


This is the fifth priest in this series of “Priests Embraced Islam”.

His name before Islam: Ibrahim Khalil Philobus

His name after Islam: Ibrahim Khalil Ahmed

He was born in 1919 in Alexandria, Egypt.

He was an Egyptian Coptic priest and missionary.

He studied theology and got a high degree from Princeton University.

He studied Islam to find gaps to attack it; instead he embraced Islam with his four children, one of them is now a brilliant professor in Sorbonne University, Paris France.

He leads and participated in many Debates about Islam and Christianity.


He wrote five books (in Arabic), they are:

  • Muhammad, peace be upon him in the Torah, the Gospel and the Quran
  • Forgiveness (Salvation) in Islam and Christianity
  • Israel the sedition of the generations in the Modern times
  • Israel the sedition of the generations in the Old  times
  • The Orientalists and missionaries in the Arab world and Islamic countries


He translated three books of Ahmad Deedat from English to Arabic, they are:

  • Is crucifixion fiction or Real?
  • What the Bible says about Muhammad [peace be upon him]?
  • Who rolled back the stone?

[Ahmad Deedat is the best known for his numerous inter-religious public debates with evangelical Christians; he has many video tapes of such debates on the net].


Ibrahim Khalil Ahmed presents himself saying:


“I was born in Alexandria on the 13th of January 1919 and was sent to the American Mission schools until I got my secondary education certificate there.

In 1942 I got my diploma from Assiut University (in Upper Egypt) and then I specialized in religious studies as a prelude to join the Faculty of Theology.

It was not an easy task to join the faculty, as no candidate could join it unless he got a special recommendation from the church, and also, after he should pass a number of difficult exams.

I got a recommendation from Al-Attareen Church in Alexandria and another from the Church Assembly of Lower Egypt after passing many tests to know my qualifications to become a man of religion.

Then I got a third recommendation from Snodus Church Assembly which included priests from Sudan and Egypt.

The Snodus sanctioned my entrance into the Faculty of Theology in 1944 as a boarding student. There I studied at the hands of American and Egyptian teachers until my graduation in 1948.

I was supposed, he continued, to be appointed in Jerusalem had it not been for the war that broke out…

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